Classic Los Angeles Spirit Jersey®

Spirit Activewear, our parent company, has been making clothing for resorts, boutiques, and retail stores for over 30 years. During that time, we created the Spirit Jersey®, to give people a new way to express themselves with what they wear. 

Today Spirit Jersey® Brand shirts have become one of the most unique and sought after t-shirt styles around. Authentic Spirit Jerseys are made by us in the USA, from USA sourced 100% cotton in our factory in Los Angeles California.

Remember: If it's not Spirit Jersey® brand, it's not a Spirit Jersey®. 

The unique combination of features of the jersey sold under the registered trademarks Spirit Jersey® & Spirit Football Jersey® is a registered trademarks Spirit Football Jersey® and Spirit Jersey® are trademarks of Spirit Activewear™

Spirit Jersey® Styles

Our classic Spirit Football Jersey® pullover shirt is made from 100% high-quality cotton within the USA. Every piece of these iconic shirts are designed, cut & sewn, dyed, and decorated in the USA according to strict quality guidelines. The result is a soft but durable garment that can be worn for years and kept as a keepsake of good times gone by.

In addition to our classic Spirit Jersey®, we release new styles every season. If you'd like to see our latest catalog/line sheet or just want to find out what's new, [contact a representative].


Spirit Jersey Styles for Custom Order